Product Detail

GSZ Series

Utilizing 4 pole, 1800 rpm motors and 6 pole, 1200 rpm motors the GSZ Series offers longer wear life on parts due to the slower impeller tip speed. GSZ pumps are the most formidable high volume slurry/dewatering pumps offered today.  

GSZ Series Features

Discharge sizes from 6-10 inches and horsepower ranges from 30-100 hp. 4 pole, 1800 rpm motors or 6 pole, 1200 rpm motors. Seal Pressure relief ports on 4 pole, 1800 rpm models. Lower impeller tip speeds extend parts wear life 2-3 times. Rugged cast iron construction. Dual silicon carbide mechanical seals. Internal Thermal motor protection and Tsurumi’s exclusive oil lifter. Anti wicking cable entrance.